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Free Flowing Liquid Screed Technology

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Screedflow Australia provides a floor screeding service using pre-mixed, pump-applied liquid screed, which is a precise and efficient self-levelling slab topping installation saving time and money.


Screedflow is three times cheaper and ten times faster then traditional self levelling bagged screeds, making it ideal for large projects as we can install 1000m2 per day.

Liquid screed can be applied as a bonded or un-bonded system over all concrete slabs, including Beam & Block Floors, In-situ Concrete Floors and Precast concrete floors.

Screedflow's liquid screed can be walked on within 24hrs and achieves 5.2MPa at 24hrs / 49MPa at 7 days / 69.5MPa at 28 days.

Screedflow's liquid screed is a free flowing ready mixed screed designed to provide a smooth, level floor finish ready for the application of any floor covering and is ideal for all Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Residential Buildings.

Our installers are specialised in the application of this innovative floor screed which can be applied as a bonded or un-bonded system.

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Specialist liquid screed installers

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Acoustic screed perfect for

high rise living

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Our screed specialists use the latest in screed pump technology to provide a seamless and professional screeding service.

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