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Self leveling liquid screed, ideal for leveling concrete floors
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Ready mixed pump applied self-levelling floor screed

SCREEDFLOW AUSTRALIA specialise in floor levelling, we are the only company in Australia offering ready mixed, pump applied liquid screed and polymer modified self-levelling cement overlay, which are up to three times cheaper and 10 times faster than bagged floor levelling cement and bagged screeds.

Apart from our ready mixed screeds and self levelling cement, we also offer a wide variety of bagged floor levelling compounds, screeds and structural mortars for those smaller projects.

Liquid Screed is a high strength fibre reinforced liquid cement screed used for levelling uneven concrete slabs and refurbishing old concrete floors, Liquid screed is also used to bulk fill uneven floors up to 150mm in a single application as well a bulk fill overlay for acoustic flooring systems and hydronic underfloor heating systems. Liquid screed was developed in Europe over 20 years ago and is widely used around the world, it is the preferred method for levelling floors due to the high-performance low-cost, and fast installation speed.

Self-Levelling cement is a high performance, polymer modified, rapid curing, zero shrinkage,

self-levelling overlay and smoothing compound that is used to level and smooth over internal concrete and timber floors, correctly prepared terrazzo, ceramic or quarry tiles.

Self-levelling cement can also be used over acoustic flooring systems and electrical and hydronic underfloor heating systems prior to the installation of finished flooring and can be applied to a thickness of 1mm to 30mm in a single application.

All our ready mixed liquid screeds and polymer modified self-levelling cement overlays are batched in a concrete plant and delivered to site in a concrete truck and pumped into place using our specialized pumping system.

Screedflow Australia provides a floor leveling service using ready mixed liquid screed, which is three times cheaper than bagged floor leveling compounds and screeds. Liquid screed is a precise self-leveling cement screed used for leveling uneven concrete slabs and refurbishing old concrete floors, Liquid screed is also used to bulk fill uneven floors and over acoustic flooring systems and hydronic under-floor heating systems.


Polymer modified self-levelling cement is laser levelled to insure a perfectly level overlay.

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Liquid screed is ideal for bulk

fill applications providing a perfectly smooth level floor finish.  

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 Liquid screed and self-levelling   cement  is pumped into place     using our specialized pumps

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Our floor levelling team use the latest in pump technology to provide a seamless and professional floor levelling service.

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