Screedflow Australia is a QLD based company servicing the East Coast. 


What sets us apart from others is innovation, floor levelling in Australia has not changed in decades, bagged floor levelling products are very expensive and do not offer clients value for money.

Liquid screed was developed in partnership with Holcim Lafarge and Screedflow Australia, Liquid Screed is a cost-effective self-levelling screed which is 3 times cheaper and 10 times faster than traditional self-levelling compounds and bagged screeds and is ideal for all Commercial, industrial, Medical and Residential buildings.

We have a highly motivated team of screed specialists with years of experience using liquid screed, we only use the latest in screed pump technology to provide a seamless and professional floor levelling service.

Our team is specially trained in pump applied self-levelling liquid screeds and through continuous innovation we guarantee to deliver to the highest standards. 

We provide a supply and install service of pre-mixed self-levelling liquid screeds with the capability to supply and install 1000m2 per day, All our screeds are cement based and reach 69.5 MPa compressive and 7MPa flexural at 28 days.

We work with the Public, Developers, Building Contractors, Architects, Engineers and large Flooring Companies to deliver the latest technology in pump applied, free flowing, self-levelling liquid screed.

Our project management team is committed to provide a high-quality cost-effective service. We take special care of our clientele, building a personal relationship with all our clients.

We will work with you through your project from start to finish, advising you on best practice and working with your building team to ensure perfect results. We can look at each individual project and advise on the most suited system and process.

Our state-of-the-art screed pumps are compact, measuring 4.3m in length but still have the capability to pump 20m Cube per hour at a distance of 200m, so no job is out of reach or to compact.


All our screeds are mixed in a batching plant to Australian Standards and delivered to site by concrete trucks as a pre-mixed screed ready to be pumped, therefore eliminating the serious risk of silica exposure inhalation to the public and workers onsite from the handling and mixing of traditional bagged screeds.

We supply and install the following screed systems

Screedflow Bonded 20mm, please contact for thinner sections

Screedflow Un-bonded 30mm

Sreedflow Acoustic 35mm

Screedflow Thermal 35mm

Screedflow Hydronic 35mm

Let's discuss your project 

Installing large ceramic floor tiles requires perfectly levelled floors 
Screedflow Australia
can offer this guarantee 


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Our Quality Guarantee

High quality and swift results at competitive prices


using the latest in screed pump technology


to provide a seamless and professional floor screeding service


Our pumped applied liquid screed supply and instillation service is 3 times cheaper and 10 times faster than traditional bagged products that require mixing by hand, Liquid screed is the preferred choice for levelling large floor areas where multiple cubic meters of floor leveller is required,
 To put it into prospective 1 cubic meter equals 100 bags of floor levelling compound, imagine mixing that by hand, that is why we are the preferred choice for builders, floor layers, engineers and architects.

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