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State of the art floor levelling technology in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

The most innovative floor levelling systems are now in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Self-levelling technology is the most affordable and fastest way to level your concrete floors whether you are installing a new floor or renovating your old concrete floors. Our specialised flooring contractors offer affordable flooring renovation services from uplifting the old flooring through to the levelling and preparation of your concrete floors and complete installation of the flooring of your choice to ensure your flooring looks perfect, smooth and stylish at affordable prices.

Our floor levelling specialists offer a fast and cost effective supply and install service of Liquid screed and Polymer modified self-levelling cement which are laser levelled to ensure perfectly level floors whether you are installing internal concrete, timber floors, terrazzo ceramic or quarry tiles.

Liquid screed and self-levelling cement can also be used over acoustic flooring systems, electrical and hydronic underfloor heating systems and it’s ideal for bulk fill applications providing a perfectly levelled and smooth floor finish.

Liquid screed is the latest in floor levelling technology providing a strong, stable, smooth surface on which a final screeding floor layer can be placed to ensure your floors can be installed in a perfectly level surface by our flooring specialists or the flooring contractors of your choice and it is perfect for new flooring, garage conversions, driveways, patios, alleyways and interior flooring renovations.

For a consultation with our floor levelling experts please contact:

Screedflow Australia today.

Screedflow Australia offer a fast and affordable supply and install floor levelling service in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast providing smooth level floor surface to ensure the floor coverings such as tiles, wooden or hybrid flooring can be laid in a perfectly level surface providing not only aesthetics to your floor but also durability, stability and comfort at affordable prices.

State of the art floor levelling technology

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